Bidet Buying Guide

So, you’ve finally decided to buy a bidet to enjoy more comfort and convenience?

Looks like you’ve learned the amazing benefits of this unique invention.

Although many US citizens are yet to discover the true importance of bidet, these toilet seats have become quite common in Asian and European countries.

These toilet seats have been around for years and they’ve gone through different changes based on the requirements of customers.

Therefore, the bidet toilet seats are now available in different models which may be confusing when you go to buy one.

Bidet Buying Guide

Hopefully, this bidet buying guide will help you with making a better decision.

So, let’s talk about the factors one must consider when trying to buy a bidet toilet seat.

Electrical Vs Non-Electrical

Choosing an electrical or non-electrical seat is the most important part of buying a bidet toilet seat.

The non-electrical seats are easily affordable while the electrical ones are a bit expensive.

Non-electrical bidet seats can be the right choice for those who just need to get the job done easily.

However, if you want to get premium features like heated air dry, adjustable water pressure, and air deodorizer, you’d have to choose the electrical bidet.

The electrical bidet seats come with many other features that offer more convenience and that’s why they usually start from $200.

On the other hand, the non-electrical bidet seats start from $40 and they can go up to $100.

Size and Shape

The bidet toilet seats are usually available in two different sizes, round and elongated.

You don’t need to make any drastic changes to your toilet because these seats are designed to fit in today’s residential toilets.

However, you’d face problems with sitting on the bidet toilet seat if you mistakenly selected the wrong size.

It’s worth knowing that the bidet seats are 2-inches short than the normal toilet seats.

Therefore, it’s important to measure the size of your toilet seat before you start looking for a bidet.

We bet you’d enjoy incredible results if you focused on size and shape while choosing a bidet toilet seat.

Feminine Wash

If you are installing the bidet in a men’s apartment, you don’t need to worry about this feature because it’s only supposed to facilitate women.

This feature is supposed to adjust the nozzle’s angle when a woman uses the toilet seat.

The nozzle moves a few inches forward for women so they may not face any problem using the toilet seat.

Heated Seat

I don’t know about you but I hate sitting on the icy cold toilet seat in the winter months.

Fortunately, the bidet toilet seat has eliminated this problem by providing you with the ability to have a warm seat.

Yes, you can turn off this feature in the summer but it’s really helpful in the winters.

This bidet buying guide highlights only the most important feature one can look for when choosing a bidet toilet seat.

But there are tons of other features that may affect your decision when you’re in a store looking for bidets.

However, if you focused on the features described in this bidet buying guide, there is a 90% chance that you’d make a better decision.

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Bidet Benefits

What’s so special about bidet toilet seats?

Why’s everyone paying extra money to get them?

If you think like that, you’ve come to the right place because we’ve described amazing bidet benefits in this article.

We hope you’d agree upon adding a bidet toilet seat to your bathroom after knowing these benefits.

The major reason why bidet toilet seats are getting common is that they offer more hygienic solutions along with premium features.

You’d probably be interested in knowing that the bidet seats use warm water for cleansing.

Bidet Benefits

These are just the basic benefits of bidet toilet seats but there are many other benefits you’d get with a bidet.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look a look at the bidet benefits that may make things more comfortable.

Keeps your hands free

You might be thinking about why would I spend extra money just to keep my hands free while I can use my hands to wash off the poop quickly?

Well, you’re probably unaware of the fact that 80% of the infectious diseases start with hands.

The stats show that 50% of the people incorrectly wash their hands after using different facilities.

The bidet can reduce the risk of these infectious diseases to an extent because it doesn’t let you use your hands at all.

Thus, you’d stay away from germs that come with urine and feces.

Add luxury to your Bathroom

Want to transform your toilet into a highly functional piece of luxury?

Well, the bidet toilet seat is the best and most affordable option to get this done.

The bidet toilet seats have a modern and stylish look compared to the traditional toilet seats.

It means the bidet toilet seats can improve the overall look of your toilet.

We assure you that you’d be surprised to see a significant improvement in your bathroom’s design after installing the bidet toilet seat.

Great for Disabled, Handicapped, or seniors

The seniors and disabled persons feel very ashamed when they need to rely on a caregiver.

They’d no longer need someone’s help to clean up because the bidet toilet seats provide a hands-free experience.

Thus, they’d get their dignity and confidence back and they’d feel more comfortable with it.

The handicapped and disabled individuals can also enjoy the amazing bidet benefits.

They feel more confident knowing that they won’t need someone’s assistance to clean up after them.

They’re environmentally friendly

In today’s world, everyone’s playing a role in saving the planet because planet change has drastically affected our lives.

The people are now looking for more environmentally friendly solutions to save the environment.

A bidet toilet seat is an incredible option you can use to achieve your goals because these seats don’t waste the water.

And they can also eliminate the use of toilet paper that’s usually made of trees.

You may also use this incredible option to contribute to the environment.

No more Clogged Toilets

The toilet paper and wet wipes can easily clog the toilet if you use them excessively.

Sometimes, the blockage takes place in other parts of the sewage piping that may lead you to some serious problems.

One of the greatest bidet benefits is that it doesn’t clog your toilet allowing you to enjoy a relaxing life.


Bidet Accessories

The Bidet toilet seats are designed with proper attention to detail.

These toilet seats are made of durable material so you may continue using them for a long time.

But the Bidet accessories will stop functioning properly after a specific period of time and you’d have to replace them.

Sometimes, the users prefer adding some premium accessories at the time of purchasing the bidet so they may enjoy more comfort and convenience.

Bidet Accessories

The purpose of writing this article is to highlight some important bidet accessories you can easily get from the market.

So, without wasting any time, let’s talk about these accessories.

Self Cleaning Nozzle

Like many other users, you’d also preferred choosing the bidet shower to save your money while purchasing the bidet.

And without any doubt, the bidet showers work pretty well if you know the right way of using them.

However, if you often face trouble with using the handheld shower or if you want to upgrade your bidet, nothing can be better than a self-cleaning nozzle.

These nozzles are equipped with advanced technology and it only comes out of the gate when you need to use.

The nozzle plays a vital role in keeping your hands neat and clean.

Thus, you won’t have to worry about germs and viruses attacking your body.

The nozzle automatically gets back to its guard once you’re done using it.

And won’t you be surprised if we tell you that these nozzles are designed to clean their own body as well?

I bet you’d eagerly be willing to get this self-cleaning nozzle after knowing these features.

Toilet Seat Bumper

Toilet seat bumpers are usually made of ABS plastic and they are installed under the seat.

These bumpers play the role of the buffer between the toilet and the seat.

The toilet seat bumper is one of the most important bidet accessories for those who are willing to use nozzles instead of the handheld shower.

The toilet seat bumpers are designed to last long but you need to make sure that you’re getting the best quality material.

Hybrid Leak-stop

Hybrid leak-stops are made of solid brass and they come with a ceramic valve.

Whenever you’re dealing with the plumbing equipment, you can’t underestimate the risk of leaks.

Sometimes the leaks may cause some serious damage to the floor, walls, and other parts of the home.

Fortunately, the hybrid leak-stops can prevent this problem if you install them with the bidet.

These bidet accessories can quickly block the flow of water if a leak has started accidentally.

The interesting thing about hybrid leak-stops is that they don’t only prevent the leaks but they also help with controlling the pressure of the water.

You can simply use the T-level to adjust the water pressure according to your needs.

These are some amazing bidet accessories we recommend buying if you want to upgrade your bidet to the next level.

The best part is that you can get all these accessories at very affordable prices.

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Bidet Alternatives

No matter what are the amazing benefits of Bidet, we can’t deny the fact that bidets are pretty expensive.

But money isn’t the only problem why people look for bidet alternatives.

There are many users who don’t feel comfortable with the standard bidets and they want to use something that can offer more convenience.

Unfortunately, the list of bidet alternatives is very short but the good news is that there are some alternatives you can use to feel more comfortable.

And these alternatives are more affordable compared to the standard bidets.

Most importantly, these alternatives can help with getting to those levels of hygiene that you usually get with the bidets.

So, if you don’t have enough money or if you don’t feel comfortable with the standard bidets, you can always take advantage of these bidet alternatives to stay safe from germs and viruses.


The wipes are a lot better than the toilet paper because they help with achieving a higher level of cleanliness.

You don’t need to use a massive amount of wipes to clean up the poop. You can simply use one or two wipes to get the job done.

So, if you compare the wipes with toilet papers, you’d come to know that the wipes are more affordable than toilet papers.

But the question is whether the wipes are more affordable than the bidets or not.

Well, the bidet users must be familiar with the fact that the bidets require proper care and attention.

And you need to spend money on its maintenance if the bidet stops working properly for some reason.

Now, that’s not the problem with the wipes as they can simply be disposed of after the use.

But you need to dispose them of properly rather than putting them in the toilet because they may easily clog the toilet.

Even if the packaging says that the wipes won’t clog the toilet, you must avoid them in the toilet.

Handheld shower

Handheld showers aren’t just associated with the bidets but you can also use them as bidet alternatives.

You can simply install the handheld showers along with the regular toilet seat.

The best part is that the handheld showers are the cheaper alternative to regular bidets.

You may find different styles and colors of the handheld shower in the market that may perfectly suit the overall design of your bathroom.

If you aren’t interested in getting a matching color or if you couldn’t find the right color for your bathroom, you can simply buy a silver shower.

It will perfectly fit in your bathroom no matter what’s the overall design of your bathroom.

These are the only bidet alternatives you can use if you aren’t comfortable with the regular bidets.

But we won’t recommend using these options as they don’t provide the results equal to a bidet.

We recommend investing a few bucks to save yourself and your family from the harmful effects of poor hygiene.


Bidet Adapter

It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that the bidet adapter is the most important part of a bidet toilet seat.

You can use a bidet toilet seat if the adapter isn’t working properly.

In this article, we’ll highlight some important aspects of these adapters to help you with making the most of this investment.

Some users mistakenly choose the wrong type of adapters while their needs are totally different.

For instance, if you’re willing to control the water temperature, you need to look for an adapter that can help with making it happen.

Similarly, if you have toddlers who love testing different things in your home, you must consider choosing a particular type of adapter to protect them from getting into danger.

Things you should know about Bidet Adapters

In this article, we’ll describe the things one must know when searching for bidet adapters as it helps with achieving your results.

So, without wasting any time, let’s take a look at the things you need to know about bidet adapters.

The on/off feature

The on/off feature must be your top priority if you have kids in the home.

The kids often love playing with the water and they’d definitely try using this new device when you aren’t around.

Thus, they won’t only damage the bathroom equipment but they may also get into some trouble.

Therefore, you must consider installing an adapter with the on/off feature so you may turn it off when it’s not in use.

Normally, the people turn off the water supply from the base once they’re done using the toilet.

But it often creates problems when you forget to turn on the water supply before sitting on the toilet seat.

Therefore, it’s recommended to have the on/off feature in your adapter so you may easily access it while sitting on the toilet seat.

Measure your Toilet’s inlet

Your toilet’s inlet may also affect your choices when you’re searching for the bidet adapter.

A common mistake users usually make is that they don’t measure the toilet’s inlet before buying the adapter.

So, when they start installing the bidet, they realize that the adapter isn’t properly fitting therein.

In this situation, they usually consider customizing the toilet’s inlet but it’s not the right option.

You’d probably end up destroying the toilet if you made a mistake and you’d have to replace the entire seat later on.

Leak Preventing

The advanced adapters are designed to prevent leaks even if the plumbing system has damaged.

Thus, your floor will stay safe from water damage. You must consider looking for an adapter that’s equipped with the T-lever.

The T-lever takes care of the leaks while protecting your floor from further damage.

Type of Toilet

If you have a one-piece toilet in your home, you need to look for a particular type of adapter that can easily fit in the 3/8 water supply angle valve.

The best thing about this type of adapter is that you can install it by yourself.

So, we’d recommend choosing it if you have the one-piece toilet in your bathroom.


Bidet Attachment

Won’t you be surprised if we tell you that you can install the bidet attachment by yourself?

Normally, people avoid installing the bidet attachment on their own because there are so many unique features that aren’t usually found in a standard toilet seat.

But we’d like to tell you that installing a bidet attachment isn’t as difficult as it looks.

If you have the basic plumbing tools in your home, you can easily install the attachment without any professional help.

How to install a Bidet Attachment?

We’ve developed this detailed guide about installing the bidet without damaging its parts.

Installing a standard bidet seat can be a bit difficult but a bidet attachment doesn’t cause trouble during installation.

We assure you that the attachment will be 100% operational if you follow these tips while installing the attachment.

Now, let’s take a look at the step by step guide you need to follow when installing the attachment.

Remove the Existing Toilet Seat

Unlike the standard bidet seat, an attachment is inserted under the existing toilet seat.

So, you must carefully remove the toilet seat because you’d have to insert it again once the attachment is installed.

There must be two plastic hooks on the rear of the toilet seat that keep it connected to the toilet.

You can either unhook the toilet seat with your hands or you may also use a tool if required.

Disconnect Toilet Tank Water Hose

Now, it’s time to disconnect the water hose that is supplying water to the water tank.

But before you consider disconnecting it, you must make sure that the water supply is turned off otherwise, you’d be sprayed by water.

A normal wrench is enough for disconnecting the toilet tank water hose.

Connect T Adapter

Once the hose is disconnected, you need to connect the T adapter to the hose.

This T adapter will equally distribute water to the water tank and the bidet attachment.

After connecting the T connector to the hose, you can connect it to the water tank.

Some users prefer connecting the T adapter to the water before connecting it to the hose.

You can choose the method that looks more comfortable but it’s not difficult at all.

Also, the third end of the T-adapter needs to be connected to the bidet hose because the nozzle will take water from this adapter to wash your secret parts.

Install Attachment

Make sure that you don’t attach the hose to the attachment unless it’s installed.

The attachment usually comes with a clip that can be used to install it within a few seconds.

After installing the attachment, you can connect to the hose and then put the toilet seat back into its position.

Now, turn on the water supply from the water tank hose and slowly press the bidet attachment’s buttons to make sure it’s working properly.

I know you’re surprised to know how easy it is to install the attachment.

Now, buy a suitable attachment for your toilet and install it by yourself to enjoy its benefits.


Bidet Add On

Want to bring a new and unique look to your old and boring toilet?

Fortunately, you can get it done with the best bidet add on but you need to narrow down your choices wisely.

Without any doubt, the bidets are the perfect alternative for toilet papers as they clean your butt more effectively.

The best part is that you can stay away from hemorrhoids and butt-itch if you have a bidet in your toilet.

But the problem is that the standard bidets require enough room in your bathroom and everybody doesn’t have such a big bathroom to install the bidet.

In this situation, the bidet add on can fix your problem more effectively.

The add on bidets are usually very affordable and you won’t face any problems while installing them.

We understand the fact that there are plenty of add-on bidets available that may cause some problems when you’re choosing one.

Therefore, we’ve developed some tips to help you with choosing the best option.

Tips for Choosing a Bidet Add on

The add on bidets come with very interesting features such as aimable nozzles, temperature controls, butt dryers, and seat warmers.

The prices of bidets may vary depending on the features they have.

Therefore, you need to have an understanding of what you’re expecting from the add-on bidet as it helps with setting up an accurate budget.

Here are a few important features you can expect to have in the bidet add on:

Under-seat or Full Seat Installation

When you start searching for bidet attachments, you get to know there are two main types of attachments available.

The first type of attachment replaces your existing toilet seat while the second type sits under the toilet set.

We recommend choosing the full-seat attachments because they offer more stability.

On the other hand, the under-seat bidets are a cheaper option and they work pretty well.

But you must keep in mind that the under-seat bidets can often make your toilet seat uneven making you feel uncomfortable.

Retractable or Static Nozzle

As the name suggests, the static nozzles remain in their place and they can’t be moved. These nozzles usually come with cheap bidets.

On the contrary, the retractable nozzles can aim the water directly under your butt.

The static nozzles perform their job quite efficiently but some users feel comfortable with the retractable nozzles.

You need to determine your choice before you start searching for bidet add ons.

Spray Options

It’s worth knowing that you can control the water pressure if you’ve selected the right type of bidet add on.

You can also control the temperature of the water if you’ve selected an advanced level bidet attachment.

The temperature control feature provides more comfort in the extremely cold regions.

Additional Features

There are some additional features you may expect to have in your bidet attachment.

For instance, you can consider choosing the smart bidet attachments that have built-in night lights, butt dryers, and seat warmers.

Similarly, some bidet attachments are equipped with sanitizer and deodorizers.

You must keep these features in your mind when you’re choosing a bidet add on for your toilet.

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Bidet Toilet Combo

So, you need help with choosing the best bidet toilet combo?

There are a few important things you must consider when narrowing down your choices.

We’ve been helping new users with choosing the right combo for their toilet.

And now we’ve decided to put this information together so everyone may use it to get the best option for their needs.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Bidet Toilet Combo

Here, we’re going to highlight the important aspects of a bidet toilet combo that determine whether it’s the right choice for you or not.

We assure you that you’d be able to choose the best bidet combo after knowing these details.

So, without wasting any time, let’s take a look at the things you must consider when choosing a bidet combo.

Bowl Size

The most important thing we always recommend looking for is nothing but the bowl size.

There are usually two different bowl sizes available known as elongated and round.

Elongated bowls are basically in an oval shape while the round bowls are more circular.

If you’ve recently upgraded your bathroom, there is a 90% chance that you have an elongated bowl design because it’s a modern option people prefer choosing.

But you must still find out which bowl size you have in your bathroom.

We’d recommend upgrading to the elongated bowl if your existing bowl is round because elongated bowls reduce the chances of clogs and overflowing.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get the right bidet toilet combo for the round bowl.

We just recommend choosing the elongated bowl because it offers more comfort but the choice is all yours.

Toilet’s Height

Usually, we have regular toilet seats that are almost 14.5 inches high but some people prefer choosing the 2 to 3 inches higher seats for added comfort.

You may think that the 2 to inches height doesn’t make that big of a difference.

But if you consider using both the heights, you’d realize how comfortable the bigger ones are.

You’d have to choose the bidet combo depending on the height of your toilet seat.


It goes without saying that you need to choose the appropriate color when choosing the bidet toilet combo.

Yes, the bidets are also available in different colors and you can easily find the right option for your toilet.

Flushing Capacity

You must upgrade to a toilet that has the ability to conserve more water than the standard toilets.

Also, you must make sure that the toilet is dual-flush capable so you may avoid wasting water.

You may also consider using the gravity-flush toilets that are low maintenance and more efficient.

Electric or Non-Electric Bidet

It’s an important factor to look for when you’re choosing the bidet toilet combo.

The electric bidet seats can deliver the right amount of temperature without requiring any adjustments.

But the non-electric seats need to be customized for every use which can be a bit difficult.

However, the non-electric bidet seats are cheaper than the electric ones, therefore, people often opt for non-electric seats.


Bidet Brands

Bidet Brands






Blooming Bidet

Brondell Bidet

Infinity Bidet

Nova Bidet

Novita Bidet

Uspa Bidet

Bio Bidet



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Bidet Bunnings

Have you recently seen an advertisement for Bidet Bunnings?

You must have been astounded by the incredible designs displayed in these ads.

But the question is that are they only supposed to add an extra touch of beauty to your bathroom or they can bring some other benefits as well.

Benefits of Bidet Bunnings

The good news is that the bidet bunnings come with some unique benefits that can offer more comfort and convenience.

We strongly recommend choosing these attachments if you’re planning to renovate your bathroom.

You’d be able to enjoy the long term benefits of these attachments if you select them wisely.

Now, let’s dive into the details of the benefits you can get with these attachments.

Reduced Chances of Diseases

The studies show that most of the diseases start from our hands because we use our hands to perform different tasks.

Along with several other tasks, we use our hands to wash our butt and genital parts after using the toilet.

We agree with the fact that you carefully wash your hands with soap to avoid the risk of diseases.

But the germs may hide under your nails or on other parts of the hand.

Fortunately, the bidet attachments completely eliminate the use of hands so you may stay safe from the germs.

As a result, your chances of suffering from the disease are reduced to an extent.

Pressure and Temperature Control

Water pressure and temperature control make bidet bunnings one of the basic needs of different users.

If you’re living in a cold region, you can’t wash off your genital parts with cold water, can you?

In this situation, the bidet bunnings provide you with full control over pressure and temperature.

With just a few changes, you can change the temperature and pressure of water according to your needs.

Yes, it’s true that you can connect the standard toilet’s water line to the warm water supply but it doesn’t enable you to control the temperature while you’re using the toilet.

Therefore, the bidet bunnings are the better option as compared to the standard toilets.

Built-in Deodorizers

The built-in deodorizers can eliminate the offensive odors from the bathroom so you may not feel uncomfortable.

These deodorizers spray fresh scent into the bathroom after regular intervals.

You may also use them manually if you’re experience offensive odors in the bathroom.

Make sure that you replace the deodorizers on time so you may continue enjoying the fresh air.

Seat Warmer

Does your toilet seat get extremely cold during the winter season?

Without any doubt, sitting on a cold toilet seat is an act of bravery.

Therefore, a vast majority of people try to control themselves so they may not have to use the toilet quite often.

But you don’t need to disturb your organs anymore because you can now use bidet bunnings to say goodbye to the cold toilet seats.

These attachments keep the seat warm so you may use the toilet without any trouble.

Now, you won’t have to jump off of the toilet seat right after sitting on it because the seat isn’t cold anymore.